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One of our green team’s primary goals is to get everyone on campus talking about why sustainability is such an exciting opportunity – both for individual associates and for Walmart as a whole. To do that, we couldn’t think of a better way than working with the SFGFF to show films that truly have an impact, helping audiences feel connected to environmental issues and inspiring them to get engaged. More generally, we think bringing festivals like the SFGFF to corporate campuses is a great opportunity to get inspiring films in front of a broader audience, start conversations, and get ideas flowing on ways to integrate sustainability into everyone’s professional lives.
~ Anna Smalley, Walmart eCommerce Green Team, Screening Host Partner

For an inaugural launch, what an awe-inspiring line-up of 90 premieres from around the world! We were pleased to join the filmmakers of BUTTERFLIES AND BULLDOZERS to discuss saving the Bay and San Bruno Mountain.
~ Mona Koh, East Bay Regional Park District, Founding Sponsor

We loved the camaraderie of the festival staff, we loved the city and we loved the warmth, charm and personal attention showered on the filmmaker. A festival with smart crowds, class and heart. Don’t miss a frame.

Thank you for a beautifully organized event of great purpose and great fun.
~ Richard Chisolm, filmmaker, CAFETERIA MAN

Loved the green themed programs, the festival venue, the interactive art at parties, abundance of helpful volunteers.
~ Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, filmmaker, MY GARBAGE, MY NEIGHBORHOOD

I saw two films – both films were outstanding and the filmmakers offered compelling presentations afterwards.
~ Beverly C. via Festival survey

It has solidified my mission in life and educated my family as well.
~ via Festival survey

It’s my first experience with the festival. The films I saw were thought provoking, exciting and meaningful.
~ Glenna M. via Festival survey

I liked the exposure to films that would not be shown in traditional veins of media.
~ via Festival survey

It’s so exciting to see such a great line-up of films coming together – and on such important and timely issues.
~ Michelle M. via Festival web site comments

The energetic Q&A following BANANAS!* was a unique experience to supplement the film screening; it provided learning and critical thought that I couldn’t get anywhere else. The festival did a great job of covering the green topics I was aware of as well as introducing me to new ideas and issues.
~ Ambika J. via Festival survey

SFGreenFilmFest was a huge success!! Fueled with knowledge and desire to pay attention, take action, read labels, and live greener.
~ @vivaverdehoje via Twitter

The experts on the E-waste/green design panel showed how various environmental realities connect, and positive new directions that can be taken.
~ Doug P. via Festival survey

The variety of environmental films and their almost uniformly positive tone was unique.
~ Ruth S. via Festival survey

The opening night party following BAG IT was really exceptional. It was a great idea to invite local organic food retailers to give away their wares.
~ Edward S. via Festival survey

Very excited to attend the Green Film Fest! The movie selection is wonderful and some should be interesting to watch and see the trends in current consumer awareness.
~ Tetyana via Festival web site comments

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