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96 Hours cover/SF Chronicle 3.01.12

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“The San Francisco Green Film Festival is unapologetically about advocacy. The goal isn’t just to educate audiences about many environment issues but also to inspire them to take action.” ~ Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle

“I always find the SF Green Film Festival to be one of the most interesting and inspiring of all film festivals held annually in San Francisco. It makes an extra effort to reach out to diverse audiences and to engage people in important environmental issues.” ~ Tom Mayer, Cinesource

“[We were] thrilled by its enviro-conscious, better world-making fervor (and its capable, enjoyable program of films)” ~ SF Bay Guardian

“This is one unapologetically issue- and action-oriented festival, thanks to founder and Executive Director Rachel Caplan, and it crackles with a unique energy. Yes, you may feel compelled to reconsider your lifestyle […] but the prevailing vibe at the Green Film Festival is inspiration. The number of relentless activists, and the quality of environmental films made in the past year alone, suggest there’s still hope for our species.” ~ SF Weekly/Top Picks

“Aside from entertaining audiences with audacious, experimental and exciting films, the San Francisco Green Film Festival sets out to bring awareness and action toward living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle. It highlights environmental changes in our culture from a political, social and cultural standpoint and highlights where we’ve come from, where we are and where we can go in the future.” ~ SF Station/Spectrum

“The first ever San Francisco Green Film Festival launched this past weekend and […] the quality of the films presented were of the highest caliber. ~ Treehugger

“I can’t speak highly enough of ‘More Than Honey’. Hearing [film director] Imhoof speak so passionately about the bees after a movie that felt emotionally balanced gave me renewed hope in the idea of the artist as activist. ~ KQED/Pop

“One doesn’t always associate “environmentally savvy” with “the movie industry,” but that’s what’s happening at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. Featuring films from all over the world, this week-long gathering of film buffs and green gurus is an entertaining way to stay up-to-date.” ~ Flavorpill

“Audiences may have had to face some inconvenient truths—landfills in China, the decimation of oceans, global warming, and other such unentertaining fare—but many of the films also celebrated conservation efforts and left theatergoers exhilarated rather than discouraged.” ~ San Francisco Magazine


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