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2013 Festival Filmmakers and Guest Speakers

Bidder 70

Tim DeChristopher is “Bidder 70″

Guests expected at the 2013 Festival. Attendance is never guaranteed. Please check back for further additions.

Jon Bowermaster, Director, Dear Governor Cuomo
Tim Bradshaw, San Francisco Correspondent, Financial Times (on Cradle-to-Cradle panel)
Edward Brown, Director, Unacceptable Levels
Susan Cann, Producer, Unacceptable Levels
Kevin Connelly, Associate Director, Earth Island Institute (at A River Changes Course and Green Chemistry panel)
Sophie Constantinou, Director, Green Streets
Greg Dalton, Climate One at the Commonwealth Club (on Fracking panel)
Mark Decena, Director, Watershed; Where We Live
Tim DeChristopher, Activist, Bidder 70
Ryan Dexter, Director, Global WarNing
Nancy Dobbs, President & CEO, KRCB Television and Radio (at Rebels With A Cause)
Paul Donatelli, Co-Director, Living Tiny
AshEL Eldridge, Musician, Food Fight
Paul Farr, Tumbleweed Tiny House Company (at Tiny)
Beth Gage, Co-Director, Bidder 70
George Gage, Co-Director, Bidder 70
Andrew Garrison, Director, Trash Dance
Douglas Gayeton, Director, The Story of an Egg and creator of The Lexicon of Sustainability
Deborah Goldberg, Managing Attorney, Earthjustice (on Fracking panel)
Michael Green, Executive Director, Center for Environmental Health (on Green Chemistry panel)
Suzanne Harle, Green Planet Films (at Anna, Emma, and the Condors)
Jamie Henn, Co-Founder, 350.org (at Bidder 70)
Markus Imhoof, Director, More Than Honey
Huey Johnson, Founder, Resource Renewal Institute (at Rebels With A Cause)
Ben Kalina, Director, Shored Up
Nancy Kelly, Director, Rebels With A Cause
Leah Lamb, Campaign Consultant, Workshop: Social Impact Strategy
Joe Lopez III, Director, A Footprint Towards the Future
Robert MacKimmie, City Bees (at More Than Honey)
Jack Macy, Senior Commercial Zero Waste Coordinator, San Francisco Department of the Environment (at Trashed)
Kalyanee Mam, Director, A River Changes Course
Jason Mark, Editor, Earth Island Journal; Co-Manager, Alemany Farm (at In Organic We Trust)
Supervisor Eric Mar, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (at Plastic Paradise)
Monica Martinez, Artist and Chef, Edible Insects
Anuja Mendiratta, CA Nail Salon Collaborative; National Healthy Nail Salon Alliance (on Green Chemistry panel)
Cella Mitchell, Wallace Stegner Environmental Librarian, SF Public Library
Julian Mocine-McQueen, Education and Outreach Director, Green For All (at Switch)
Sudeep Motupalli Rao, Regional Director, EPEA (on Cradle-to Cradle panel)
Merete Mueller, Co-Director, Tiny – A Story About Living Small
Michelle Myers, SF Bay Chapter Director, Sierra Club (at Shored Up)
Melanie Nutter, Director, Department of the Environment, City and County of San Francisco (at Rebels With A Cause)
Maddie Oatman, Research Editor, Mother Jones (at Big Boys Gone Bananas!*)
Djordje Padejski, Founder & Project Director of the FOIA Machine at Center for Investigative Reporting (at Big Boys Gone Bananas!*)
Christopher Paetku, Director, How To Compost; Makwa Mee Nuun
Celine Pallud, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley (at Saltwater)
Karl Palmer, Chief, Safer Consumer Products Branch, California Department of Toxic Substances Control (at Because I Live Longer Than You! and Green Chemistry panel)
Chaz Peling, CEO, Sol Solutions (at Tiny)
Heidi Quante, Campaign Consultant, Workshop: Social Impact Strategy
Jason Rainey, Executive Director, International Rivers (at A River Changes Course)
Sheraz Sadiq, Producer, KQED Quest, Edible Insects
Jay Shafer, Founder, Four Lights Tiny Houses (at Tiny)
Patrick Shen, Director, La Source
Christopher Smith, Co-Director, Tiny – A Story About Living Small
Angela Sun, Director, Plastic Paradise
Lise Swenson, Director, Saltwater
Karen Topakian, Chair, Greenpeace Inc (on Green Chemistry panel)
Megan Whelan, US Operations Coordinator, Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala (NISGUA) (at Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth)
Randy Wittorp, Director of Public Affairs, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco (at In Organic We Trust)
Kenji Yamamoto, Producer/Editor, Rebels With A Cause
Youth activists from the TURF program, Youth Leadership Institute
Ben Zolno, Director, Food Fight