Panel discussions at the 2012 Festival | San Francisco Green Film Festival
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Panel discussions at the 2012 Festival

Join us for a series of lively panel discussions in the Superfrog Gallery at the New People, 1746 Post Street.

Future of Film Funding SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2012


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Documentary filmmaking has come of age and the ways docs are funded is changing rapidly. From bootstrapped productions and crowd-sourced micro-financed films to projects funded by traditional grants and donations to increasingly bigger budgeted productions funded using complex “hybrid” business ventures, the options available to filmmakers and opportunities available to donors and investors have exploded in recent years. Our distinguished panelists will share their experiences and offer their insights about the future of documentary film funding.

Panelists include:
~ Bob Silvestri , Founder, Environmental Media Fund [moderator]
~ Tamara Badgley Horowitz , Grants & Residencies Coordinator, San Francisco Film Society
~ Anthony Baxter , Director, “You’ve Been Trumped”
~ Emily James , Director, “Just Do It – a tale of modern-day outlaws”
~ Daniel Riviera , Riviera & Associates
~ Additional guests TBA

Sushi: the Global Catch SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2012


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Join us after the film Sushi: The Global Catch to discuss the health of sushi for humans and the oceans. Among the panelists is Mark Hall, the film’s director, who will expand on the sustainability of fishing and fish consumption around the globe. Other panelists will include sushi restauranteurs, fisherman, and advocates who will address the challenges of sustainability, fish and the future of the ocean.

Panelists include:
~ David McGuire , Founder, Sea Stewards [moderator]
~ Alistair Douglas , Seafood Services Japan
~ Mark Hall , director, “Sushi: the Global Catch”
~ Catherine Kilduff , Staff Attorney, Oceans Program, Center for Biological Diversity
~ Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols , Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences and
~ Casson Trenor , co-owner, Tataki Restaurant

Storytelling for Change SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 2012


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Telling stories with film and video is a powerful way to inspire and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives, and in the world.

In the online world of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, businesses and non-profits are using videos to tell the stories of their people, practices and potent issues; these organizations are connecting with people in a meaningful, human way that inspires action.

Panelists will show some of these videos, speak about their approach to video storytelling, and involve the audience in a discussion about storytelling for change.

Panelists include:
~ Mischa Hedges , Co-Founder, TrimTab Media [co-moderator]
~ Iliani Matisse, Co-Founder, TrimTab Media [co-moderator]
~ Cara Jones , Founder, Storytellers for Good
~ Erica Priggen , Executive Producer, Free Range Studios
~ Bob Silvestri , Founder, Environmental Media Fund

Gaming for Good SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2012


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From Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and city governments, gamification is one of the hottest trends to encourage employee engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive social change. Join BC3 members, SF Green Film Festival, SAP, SF Department of Emergency Management, and Badgeville to discuss the future of gamification and how this exciting tool can be used to advance your project’s sustainability goals.

Gaming for Good will explore the use of gaming techniques in non-game environments to promote fun, engage participants, and incentivize the adoption of sustainable behaviors. The panel will investigate the ways that businesses, government, and nonprofits have used gaming techniques to achieve their sustainability goals through community activities such as contests and reward systems.

Panelists include:
~ Katherine Michonski , Executive Director, Business Council on Climate Change/BC3 [moderator]
~ Adena DeMonte , Director of Marketing, Badgeville
~ Mario Herger , Technology Strategist & Community Manager, SAP Labs LLC
~ Kristin Hogan , Strategic Communications Planner, City and County of San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
~ Additional guests TBA

Cafeteria Man SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 2012


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After watching Cafeteria Man please just us and filmmaker Richard Chisolm for a panel discussion around agriculture and the challenges of eating locally and sustainably within our current system. We will talk with panelist who are meeting those challenges while dealing with the established norms of institutions and systems geared in the opposite direction. We hope to provoke a conversation that will motivate those in their community to ignite or flame the movement around food security, health, and sustainability.

Panelists include:
~ Karen Brown , Creative Director, Center for Ecoliteracy
~ Richard Chisolm , director, “Cafeteria Man”
~ Helen de Michiel ,
~ Christina Goette , MPH, Sr. Health Program Planner, San Francisco Department of Public Health
~ DeAnthony Jones , 2010 Brower Youth Award Winner
~ Rivka Mason , School Garden Teacher, Berkeley Unified School District
~ Willa Murphy , Student Activist, Senior, Sir Francis Drake High School, Founder & President, Drake Youth Politics Club


3:00 PM BLOOD IN THE MOBILE screening with CRADLE-TO-CRADLE panel

Panel included with film ticket.

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Join leading experts for a discussion on electronics and green cradle-to-cradle design. The panel will be driven by questions from the audience but will include consumer actions and solutions including: consumer campaigns, emerging green labels, supply chain responsibility, and innovative breakthroughs in the sustainable design community.

Panelists include:
~ Heidi Quante [moderator]
~ Sheila Davis , Executive Director, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
~ Michael Watts , Professor of Geography and Development Studies, UC Berkeley
~ Conflict Mineral Guide Representative TBA

Urbanized MONDAY, MARCH 5, 2012


Panel included with film ticket.

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In a world where we are dealing with economic instability, climate action plans, and water and fuel stresses building upon the urban environment is more than just function. The triple bottom line is now a part of the process of urban development and the choices a community and government has to make when considering growth and development. Panelists will discuss the thought process and methods they use and feel are integral when meeting all the goals and initiative for the future of a sustainable urban plan and environment.

Panelists include:
~ Lee Schneider, DocuCinema [moderator]
~ Allison Arieff , ‘Opinionator’ columnist, New York Times; Urbanist Editor, SPUR
~ David Baker , David Baker + Partners Architects
~ Michelle Kaufmann , Michelle Kaufmann Studio
~ Raquel Rivera Pinderhughes , Professor of Urban Studies, San Francisco State University

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